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It’s weird to talk about this, but it is interesting when you look at a song like ‘Some Nights.’ I remember when writing it, the thought was, ‘No one’s gonna understand this. This isn’t gonna happen. And this is the last chance, and then I gotta go get a real job,’” he said. “The first song on this new album is like the opposite of that, lyrically. You know, ‘You got what you wished for. What the fuck are you wishing for now?’”

I look at Some Nights and some of the things that I feel like I did wrong on that, and I look at other albums that I’ve done in the past as a lyricist and not only want to maintain a certain level but exceed it. The pain for me in songwriting is always putting lyrics to things. And so hopefully I’ve got enough firepower. I’ve definitely had enough shit go down in the last few years.”

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Antonoff says he was “anxious” about releasing his Bleachers material, but has been astounded with the “insanely supportive” response he’s received so far. He’ll be touring in support of the Bleachers album for the rest of the summer, and also beginning work on a new Fun. album soon.
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